The Serene is a contemporary, Two story house located in a small town in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, ‘Kinniya’. The tranquility and the calmness of this town has a great impact on designing a residence like this. The exterior of this house was designed with a consciousness of this particular rural area which reflects the serenity of the environment it’s located on.

Our Engineers at Ziztan LABS have carefully balanced a contemporary interpretation of the modern luxuries and cutting edge technology
creating a Bedroom that is both bright and spacious yet Serene and peaceful.

Living room is the space where we spend our free time with our families and friends, where we welcome our guests and entertain our visitors. This part of our homes should be comfortable, cozy and made with style and perfect taste. All this attributes you can find in this architectural masterpiece. 

In order to compliment the busy environment of the kitchen, our interior designers used a minimal design by adding dark colors for the built-in wooden shelves and light color for the walls. hence the serenity of the other rooms of the house is also maintained in the kitchen.

 Since kitchen is the busiest space in the entire house, making the space easy to work in peace was our priority. In order to make the cooking process easy, we have used islands in the kitchen which have traditionally been used as extra prep space or a dining substitute, but here’s another way of working them: By moving either the sink or the stove to it. Here we have used the island for stove. This island stove would make you more involved with the rest of the house while cooking.

The dining area is an important space of the home. It’s a secluded area where family and friends can focus on meals and conversation and have a quality time. in order to build this idea with bricks and cement, Ziztan LABS has planned to make this a comfortable as well as a calm place to have the meals. Lighting up this place with a Chandelier to give a warm look the dining area. 

And the building is structurally designed to optimize safety, cost and also to maintain its architectural comforts.


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