THE Verge| RESIDENCE AT Akkaraipattu

The verge (9)

The verge is a two story contemporary residence designed by pushing the limits of design principles in order to  build a cost effective house in the heart of of Akkaraipattu, a suburban city in Eastern province of Sri Lanka. The design of this house considers the natural ventilation and lighting in order to cop up with the temperature of this location. 

This two storied residence features a magnificent front elevation for the visitors with a minimally designed façade. In addition, the potted plant in the balcony is one of the real attraction of this view of the house.

The main entrance was designed with an immense perception to make a light play where the balcony gives shades from the direct light and the wooden shades gives an extra shade from the direct light while giving enough light to the living hall.

The balcony of this house is extended to one of the bedrooms. From this balcony, an amazing, large open view is easy to be seen. The balcony is   filled with potted plants to give a natural ambience to the balcony. This balcony becomes a perfect place for relaxing and watching sunsets.

The rooftop of this house is different than other rooftop designs from our team since there is need for ceiling to be installed due to our clients preference. Hence this space can be used to rest during the night time as well as in the day time with scorching sun.

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