The untold story behind our dream house ! - sharing my experience and advice

Hey ! If you are reading this message, probably you are one of my kind of person or nearly missed to be. Living is one of our basic need which never be ignored by single person. Also everyone has dream and will about their living places.

There onwards we come across a dream house 🏘️.You and myself are not excluded in this dreaming world. Generally saying, our house is the every day destination and the place where we gonna live until die. This is the most interesting reason why the field of architecture and construction are still at a high.

Let me share my experience regarding our house construction. As we all know, everyone in our family has their own ideas about how the final design of the house would be. Hence, the final design is the mixture of multiple brain thoughts. Unfortunate part is, only some trained professionals can make it possible. Yes! they can.

So many people tend to fall into a depth of darkness by approaching a “heard drawing persons”, they are there for a longer period of time in making house designs and I am a bit confused about their current updated knowledge and exact qualifications. I didn’t mean to blame anyone for intimate purposes.

Like wise, I stepped into this process by reaching a drafting person, and made our home design. Our family assigned a team of constructors they have know link with the drafting person. They are normal masons and they build for the plan.

The sad part of the story is, the drafting person only made a ground plan and position of Windows which we requested. And he paid a filed visit at the very First day only.There were some deficits in each and every steps which is more common in this traditional process.

For example, thickness of the beam, mixture of concrete for the foundation work, position of the column, thickness of the iron rod (reinforcement) used. For these measurements, we were not able to access the drafting person then and there, which is quiet impossible.
At this point mason had to decide according to his own experience. And while building up with the plan, there were tremendous shuttle shuttle doubts. Again it went according to mason’s plan. Some were correct and some were incorrect. Before thinking a fraction of time, error has gone beyond the limit. We had to correct it with an extra cost.

My suggestion to you all is, make a complete plan, which include where the wall clock is supposed to placed , before you dig a single pit for the construction.For that you must identify the exact professional design team. It is very important. They are the people capable of predicting the exact outcome in the field of construction.
Most of them will guarantee you and challenge you with their skills and experiences.

Don’t fall into any traps. Another thing is don’t make any dissociation between your architect and constructors. If you plan every minute things at the very beginning, you will never make an error which is extra burden for you and also your dream house will not be completed within the targetted cost.

So dream big as well is plan big 👌.
Let’s break the tradition,which is not accurate, by collaborating with an effective professional design team to complete our dream house 🏠
Thank you !

Nashath Ahamed
Medical student
University of Peradeniya

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